Recovery, on the road

Mobile physical therapy can help you manage health problems from the comfort of home. You can get stronger, and keep doing the things you love, while the clinic comes to you.

About Glenn Physical Therapy and Wellness

Folsom, CA, USA

Glenn PT and Wellness is a mobile orthopedic practice serving Folsom, CA, and the surrounding areas. I will come to you at your home; there's no driving to the clinic, no waiting rooms, and no splitting of my attention.

"Ryan is so kind and genuine. It’s only my second week but I have faith working with him! He is so understanding of how important it is for me to bounce back to where I was."

How I can help

Common problem areas

Back pain

Back pain can be debilitating. If you are having a hard time sleeping, walking as long as you'd like, getting pain and numbness down your leg, or bending to do yard work, I can help you address it. I will look at your range of motion, strength, sensation, how you respond to certain positions (and a few other things) to come up with a plan to improve your specific back pain and get you back to doing what you love.

Balance problems

Sometimes the fear of falling can make the world smaller than it needs to be. People often quit going out as much as they'd like, or avoid activities like gardening or hiking that they really enjoy. I will assess your balance, as well as the body systems that contribute to it, and come up with a personalized plan to address fall risk and build confidence.

Exercising with chronic conditions

Exercise is the best path we have to better health. That said, if you don't have much experience with working out, or you're managing a health condition like diabetes or arthritis, it can be overwhelming to come up with a plan on your own. I can help you to assess your current level of fitness, and develop a safe training plan for you to do on your own that respects where you are while still challenging you appropriately.

Pre-operative care

Thinking about a surgery? You'd be surprised how many people have major procedures done without knowing what they're in for. If you are considering a rotator cuff repair, joint replacement, or other orthopedic surgery, it's important to learn what to expect. You should also get as strong as possible prior to the surgery to make the recovery period easer. Many people can delay or reduce the need for major surgeries with help from PT. I'll help you make a plan.

Post-operative care

Traveling to an outpatient clinic after a surgery can be challenging if you are dealing with mobility issues and increased pain. On top of that, many places treat with a paint-by-numbers approach where the PT is dividing their attention between multiple people. I bring the clinic to your home, and provide treatment that is safe for your stage of healing while targeted to your home environment and goals.

Aches and pains

It's easy to let bumps and dings accumulate over the years. At a certain point, they get harder to ignore, and can stop you from living your life in the way you want. I will assess your orthopedic issues and give you some tools to manage them.

"Ryan was my PT and he was fabulous. Knew his stuff, easy to get along with and fun sense of humor. He really helped me. Thank you Ryan!"

Meet The Team

Our Therapists

Dr. Ryan Glenn

Physical Therapist, DPT

I'm an outpatient physical therapist with a doctorate of physical therapy obtained from Nova Southeastern University. My practice focuses on general orthopedics and balance, with emphasis on building confidence, independence, and resilience.

I live in Folsom with my wife and daughter. When I'm not working, you will likely find me grabbing a coffee at Temple or Chocolate Fish, or spending time at home with the family.

picture of stuffed dinosaur sitting on exercise balls

Daddy Dinosaur

Administrative Assistant, Mascot

This guy helped to keep me grounded while I was going through my doctoral training. During that season of life, I kept a full-time desk job and flew out to Florida once a month for the hands-on work. (38 times in total!) My daughter has a matching purple one, and we would send pictures back and forth all the time of them posed doing silly things.

I think of the dino as a symbol of connection with my family. It’s also a reminder to keep my values central to the work I do and the treatments I provide.

What we offer

Our Services

Therapeutic exercise

Exercise is the core of recovery and wellness. The trick is to get the right dose for YOU, at any given moment in time. It's something you can learn, and good PT facilitates this process while keeping your personal situation in mind. I will provide exercises that are safe, appropriate for your conditions, and working toward your goals.

Balance training

I thoroughly screen for problems that can lead to poor balance and increased fall risk. There's a lot that can contribute, but I'll explain it all! I also assess your environment for fall risks and provide training that is specific to your challenges and your space.


So much of healthcare feels rushed. I want to make sure that you understand exactly what the problems are, and exactly why I'm asking you to do something. Things get a lot less intimidating when you can shine some light on them, and my goal is for you to feel empowered to address your issues on your own by the time we finish working together.

Manual therapy

Hands-on techniques to address muscle tightness, joint mobility, and pain are often an important component of recovery. The secret sauce is the exercise, but the manual work can often help speed things along or provide a little relief.

Strength and conditioning

Exercise is for everyone, not just athletes or those recovering from an injury. We all have the ability to build strength and resilience, no matter our age or starting point. A program you do on your own that is informed by your personal health history and needs can reduce the risk for reinjury or disease.

Encouragement and optimism

Recovering from an injury or surgery is hard. So is managing a long-term condition like diabetes or arthritis. Having a team on your side that acknowledges your challenges while cheering you on can go a long way.

"Heaven sent therapist and took very good care of me, addressed my concerns and answered all my questions."

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